Teeth Whitening – Newcastle

Tooth whitening is a great way to get back that stunning white smile and make you feel so much more confident around others.

Teeth age with time and they get less white as we get older. Thankfully tooth whitening is an easy, affordable way to get that fresh, young smile back.

We provide a complimentary assessment & recommendation to all customers interested in our teeth whitening service.

To ensure that your teeth whitening results last longer, you should pay attention to oral hygiene and your diet. We recommend brushing twice a day and applying home whitening gel every six months.
Our qualified professional at Newcastle practice will answer all your queries at your visit.

Teeth whitening only improve the colour of your natural teeth.
This is means any dentures, crowns, veneers or fillings will retain their existing colour. However, we might be able to help improve their look.

Why accept the smile you have, when it can be improved so easily?

Contact The Dental Care Clinic Newcastle to help you get the smile that you want.

Teeth Whitening Experts

With several years experience and highly recommended by our customers, our teeth whitening experts will ensure that you receive the quality care


As a caring family dentist, our staff are trained to meet the needs of the whole family


At dental care clinic Newcastle, our dental care plans have been designed to provide excellent service and treatment options affordably and you can use them to cover the teeth whitening cost


While we excel in providing high-quality service, Our passion is to provide a caring and friendly experience to all of our customers across Newcastle & North East

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